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 Hi Filch

using W.C. for digital sync:

the H8000FW wordclock
input is NOT terminated.
If the H8000FW wordclock input is the
LAST unit on a cable it must be
terminated. This would be done by use of
an external terminator,
usually connected via a BNC T-piece, as
described in the latest User
Manual (V5.2).

The use of 50 Ohm terminator is recommended.

 We are aware of some folks using the BigBen with 75 Ohm generator and 75 Ohm cables…and 75 Ohm terminator.

Please try with 50 Ohm first, as described in the User Manual.


> If the
customer is using a 75 ohm generator and 75 ohm cables, he
> should use a
75 ohm terminator.