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OK. Let's be thorough.
I have 3 MIDI devices in the chain, the H7600 on channel 3, the SwitchBlade on channel 5, and a Mesa Boogie TriAxis pre-amp on channel 1.

The pedal board sends the following messages to the following devices:

Channel 1 (TriAxis)

* Program change #21

Channel 3 (H7600)

* Program change #2 (which loads preset #1 in my MIDI map user group 2 on the H7600, corresponding to H7600 preset 524 ping-pong)
* CC#70 value of 126 (which sets m_level to 98%)
* CC#71 value of 40 (which sets fback level at -20%)

Channel 5 (SwitchBlade)
* Program change #1

That's about it. The FCB1010 has additonial functionality to set the expression pedals, which I currently use to control volumes and fades on the Switchbalde, but such data is only loaded once in the FCB1010 from the PC Editor, and does not get sent as per above.

Thanks for your help.