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For more fun with pads, I wrote 2217 Inharmonic Trance and 6916 Liquid Sky to mangle pads into rhythmic pulsation.  Both programs work free of glitches on chords, and you can play a stereo synth into them without collapsing your synth to mono inside the H8000FW.  Italo gave Inharmonic Trance new controls for LFO (t_rate and rate), but the info page is still my text: ?Frequency shifting modulated to make your synth pads inharmonic with a pleasant rhythmic pulse. Setting LFO faster can process reverb to make a nice vibrato or twinkle in stereo.?  Also try setting mod amt to zero, then start a pad, then increase mod amt to bring the effect into play.  That way, you can start with your original stereo image, then things gradually get strange!

Also try the factory program 821 Detune Chorus that dates back to the DSP4000.  The algorithm sums to mono, then applies 4 stages of detuning in series, where the 4th stage also spreads the signal into stereo output.  On the main page, try setting the delay values to some values larger than the defaults.  Imagine someone standing by a pyramid of empty champagne glasses, pouring champagne into the top glass, with the top glass overflowing to fill the glasses below.  That?s how the stages of Detune Chorus respond.  First the direct sound gets through, then you get beats, then the beats get beats, and so on… very sick!  If you set the delays longer to make a rhythm, you might get some compositional ideas.  Long and short notes can sound very different after passing through this algorithm.