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 Hi Honeyman

The description is still a bit vague.



Typically professional
amp/processing of a sax requires:

-a good mic

-a good analog mic preamp (may or may not
have an FX loop – better if parallel vs. serial)

-a mixer (the in_house mixer can be used too)


the preamp is what you want to use
to shape the tonal quality of your instrument and to get its signal up to line
level for optimal FX processing thru balanced connections.

The FX processor will then provide
you FX, delays, thickening, harmonizing, reverb, etc….

Relaying on an FX processor to do all
of this is not adviced as you do not want to plug a mic directly to the unit.
It's against basic tech rules.


So, my question/answer is about
what specific FX you need and how many at the same time, to advice you if the
Eclipse can be the right choice or if you'd need to step up to an


You can still use filters in the
unit to further shape the sound, but in this case an H7600 would be a better
choice as its bigger DSP power will allow you to have filters and fx in a preset. The Eclipse may be
limited in doing both, but, again, eveything still depends on which FX and how
many at the same time you plan to use. 


let me know!