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I have to disagree somehow. The FCB1010 is indeed horrendous to program on a standalone basis, but it is a delight to program with the PC Editor that can be found on the FCB1010 Yahoo Group (a very active user group).
The only *pain* is that loading new patches requires to turn off the unit and do a basic 3 step stomp sequence, but it's really easy. In fact, there is a guy who sells for $12 the so-called Uno Firmware that enables to upload new patches without turning it down, and gives yet more flexibility.
It does take a couple of tedious hours to get the process down, but once you do *and I'd be happy to help you) then it's really great.
My biggest problem is understanding the MIDI subtleties of the Eventide unit (italo will disagree, but the user manual is not user friendly on MIDI), although I use an H7600 not an Eclipse, but probably same.