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Hi Joe

FYI the H8000FW will convert an analog signal to digital without even needing to process it thru the DSPs. Infact the analog input can be directly routed to a digital output without passing thru a DSP/preset at all. Only the A(D converter will be used in this case.

For instance, if you take Routing #12 ADAT A-B (the one you loaded for our example) and :

-change  its MAIN INPUT #1 from ADAT in 1 to analog in 1

-go to the OUTPUTS menupage (MAIN Outputs (Analog) and change

dsp B out 1 (+) – – – – – – – – -> ANA1 


analog in 1 (+) – – – – – – – – – -> ANA1 

you'll hear what comes into analog input 1 right out of ADAT output 1. It works perfectly here. If you do not get the same result, there is something wrong in your ProTools configuration/session settings.

Now, back to your question…..

as I have described above, you can use the Eventide convert analog signals into digital. Different approaches may be about applying fx right after conversion, before entering ProTools…OR…..applying FX later, to the tracks previously recorded w/the Eventide as A/D converter. That's up to you and will require different routings options in your rig and on the H8000FW.

Be awrae that Routing #12 basic architecture is:

ADAT ins > DSP A >DSP B > ADAT outs

so the 2 DSPs are in series and B "post_process" A. You may want to prefer to set A and B in parallel for more processing power/options. Then you'll need to have DSP A inputs/outputs 1/2/3/4 running on ADAT I/O 1/2/3/4 and DSP B inputs 1/2/3/4 running on ADAT I/O 5/6/7/8…making the right adjustments in the routing area.

To do tests with DSPs, please load preset ?12 THRU in both. That'll help you to hear sound coming thru them, with the right routing selected/built.

Am I helping you?