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Italo, you are a great resource. I have used many of your posts to people's questions to learn about the H8000FW's capabilities and to resolve questions that I have had.

Yes you are helping me, but I do not know if I understand the underlying principles yet. Here is what I understand thus far: I can convert analog signals to digital within the H8000FW and transmit the digital signals via ADAT to the DIGI003/Pro Tools system for recording. My confusion at this point is why no signal appears on the Pro Tools track when I attempt to record the ADAT digital signal.

So here is my latest test: 1) I reloaded Route 12; 2) I changed MAIN INPUT #1 from ADAT in 1 to analog in 1; 3) that automatically changed DSP A IN1 to analog in 1; 4) I changed MAIN OUTPUTS (Analog) ANA1 to analog in 1; 5) I set both DSP programs to "THRU"; 6) No other changes were made.

I fed the Gibson Echoplex analog signal into the analog 1 input of the H8000FW and the H8000FW shows an input signal strength between -15 and -9. I set a Pro Tools track to ADAT input, enabled recording, but do not see any signal.

At this point, even though I cannot verify that ADAT signals are in fact reaching the DIGI003, I assume that everything is set up properly on the H8000FW and that I must have something set improperly in Pro Tools. One event that leads me this conclusion is that when I change the Pro Tools session sample rate from the 44.1 to 48, the H8000FW automatically adjusts to the new value. Do you agree that the H8000FW is probably set up properly?

Like MIDI or analog recording, I am expecting to see the signal strength bar on the Pro Tools track to dance when an ADAT signal is present. Also I expect to see something in the track recorded, whether it be little boxes for MIDI or waves for analog. Are my expectations proper?

Thank you for all of your help. I apologize for not being more concise.