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don't apologize. Being concise with the H8000 doesn't help. That's the reason we ask for plenty of details.

 The Eventide has a setting to monitor OUTPUTS on the front panel LEDs. You can simply press LEVELS > METERS and set Source: outputs.

With the current routing you have just described, you can monitor if there's a singnal coming out of the ADAT output. You can even try another test by connecting analog in 1 to the second MAIN Output channel. In this way, when you switch Meters source to outputs, you'll see 2 lines of LEDS going on, while only one lits when meters are monitoring inputs. That will tell you everything is perfectly configured inside the H8000….then the problem is outside of it..

Simply go to SETUP> outputs and set

analog in 1 (+)

-> ANA 2  in the second line.

lemme know