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Just a quick update –

my systems using basic stereo in ( analogue ) to dsp a and then onto analogue stereo out. No digital connections now.

Running at 48KHZ at first i still got glitches every 20 seconds or so.I then totally reset the H8000 back to factory and i noticed the clock was jumping less . . . then things got a bit unpredictable . . .

I tested using the patch or one i had issues with before the reset called ' arena soundcheck ' at 48 KHZ using a long audio loop as before into cubase so i can see spikes.At first it did the same – spikes every 20 seconds or so – then on the next patch i tried it stop – i went back to arena soundcheck and it didnt do it at all – i then ramped up the rate to 96KHZ and it was still fine on this patch and i cant get it to spike now . .. i then tried running dsp 1 through dsp b and using the most intensive patches and pushing the H8000 and it was still fine ( doing long 15 test recordings for a number of patches) – not one spike.

Theres no doubt the digital setup i had may have contributed and somehow when i unplugged this it still felt a little upset ? clock flutuations were larger i think than they are now ( it fluctuates by 1 point now) i have notived the clock stops flututating all together on some simple patches and starts when more intense ones are used ( ?i think )

I can only put this down to a bug or something in my setup which i caused or a bad setting .Everything is definately smooth at 44Khz now and i could not get spikes on any patch at 96Khz last night also.I have scrapped spdif for the moment as i think the Lynx output is suspect – the eventide showed this as slipping in a big way even when the card was locked to its internal clock.

Is warming up the unit an issue ? might sound silly but the longer it was on yesterday the better it got.

best wishes