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      ix studio

      i havent ahd the H8000fw that long and been experimenting with connections to a hardware mixer and via spdif .Both ways i seem on certain ' larger ' patches ( factory deep space ones ! seem to get every now and then a 'spike' of sound .. . . sounds digital and clock based to me and at first i thought it was my digital setup but with just analogue i still get it . . . i wonder if this pilot error on my part and whether i need to make some settings on the system or if there is anything i need to look at . . ?should the clock in the H8000 show fluctutation when set internal and with no wordclock or digital inputs etc ?

      many thanks


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      Hi Matt

      we need details!

      -full description of the ROUTING used

      -full description of clocking settings

      -name and numbers of presets

      -OS version#


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      I too am a new user of the H8000FW.

      I had similar experience at first.

      Here's what helped me, and might help you.

      Giant patches, even though are factory default,

      sometimes have trouble running at 96k clock.

      (At least on my unit.)

      Try lower clock?

      Read up in manual about managing I/O levels.

      Certain large patches, I can repeatedly make my H8000FW 'glitch'

      by launching in a sound waay too loud while at 96k.

      In this case, I definitely think that's user error on my part.

      My unit's clock also fluctuates ever so slightly, like by 1 number.

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      We are looking in a number of algorithms that show some artifacts when running at 96KHz. They might be over the edge and we will have to change something.

      The clock fluctuating of 1 or a few points is not an issue.


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      ix studio

      Just a quick update –

      my systems using basic stereo in ( analogue ) to dsp a and then onto analogue stereo out. No digital connections now.

      Running at 48KHZ at first i still got glitches every 20 seconds or so.I then totally reset the H8000 back to factory and i noticed the clock was jumping less . . . then things got a bit unpredictable . . .

      I tested using the patch or one i had issues with before the reset called ' arena soundcheck ' at 48 KHZ using a long audio loop as before into cubase so i can see spikes.At first it did the same – spikes every 20 seconds or so – then on the next patch i tried it stop – i went back to arena soundcheck and it didnt do it at all – i then ramped up the rate to 96KHZ and it was still fine on this patch and i cant get it to spike now . .. i then tried running dsp 1 through dsp b and using the most intensive patches and pushing the H8000 and it was still fine ( doing long 15 test recordings for a number of patches) – not one spike.

      Theres no doubt the digital setup i had may have contributed and somehow when i unplugged this it still felt a little upset ? clock flutuations were larger i think than they are now ( it fluctuates by 1 point now) i have notived the clock stops flututating all together on some simple patches and starts when more intense ones are used ( ?i think )

      I can only put this down to a bug or something in my setup which i caused or a bad setting .Everything is definately smooth at 44Khz now and i could not get spikes on any patch at 96Khz last night also.I have scrapped spdif for the moment as i think the Lynx output is suspect – the eventide showed this as slipping in a big way even when the card was locked to its internal clock.

      Is warming up the unit an issue ? might sound silly but the longer it was on yesterday the better it got.

      best wishes


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      how about adding another DSP so that absolutely all patches run smoothly even at 96Khz? Or is this an algorithm optimization issue?


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