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 Hi John

welcome to the Eventide land!

The H8000 is a monster of power as you have already noticed. Variety of presets and fx is outstanding and the fact you can create/mod your own is definitely unique.

Nevertheless all planet earth things have limitations, no matter how big/powerful/updated something could be. Your 8 cores MacPro might be a lot for you…but somebody else would love a 32 cores version of it…as the current one feels limited….and so on….

There are a number of different resources the DSPs need to take care of. Once any of these is exhausted…amen…an algorithm can't run. You can try things in Vsig but they might not run on the Eventide. Remember…Vsig doesn't tell you a structure is too large. Only uploading it to the machine will tell you IF it runs.

Based on my knowledge, BLUES HEART is a VIRTUAL RACK of respectable size. It may be impossible to load the 2 together…but trying is the definitive way to find out.

Vsig can do it (on Windows).

have fun!