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Correct! There are some limitations with Bypass and type of connectors.

Relay Byp 

When this is selected, the analog XLR inputs and outputs are connected by a relay (you can hear it click when you operate the switch). The digital inputs and outputs are connected electronically, as in DSP bypass.
The ?? jacks will be muted, so you should not use relay bypass if you are using these jacks. Note that when Eclipse is powered down, the same relay connects the analog XLRs, so that signal can pass through.
DSP Byp (DSP bypass – the normal mode)
When this is selected, both effects blocks are electronically bypassed, preserving all global levels. This
means, for example, that if you were coming in digital and going out analog, you would still have signal when bypassed, in contrast to relay bypass above.
Mute All
An alternative to normal bypass ? this mutes the signal passing through the Eclipse.


-why are you usning 1/4"? how the rig is configured?= What tyupe of signal is fed to Eclipse?

-you may have to live with the way your system works or get a mixer to run fx in parallel to dry sound. 

LOW/MED(ium)/HIGH mean simply what they mean! 0%/50%/100%.

When you patch a parameter to any of them, it will be set to the correspondent value in its range.