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Thanks for all the help and advice Italo!!!

So right now I have to have externals set to HIGH, or the bypass won't work at all in DSP bypass mode. If it is set to PEDAL 1, the effects don't go on. But when I bypass, the gain jumps up making it un-useable.

I'm very disappointed that the Eclipse cannot be used with the 1/4" outputs. These kinds of effects processors have always been used last in the chain, I don't know why they designed it without this in mind.
I cannot run the XLR outputs into a DI!! Crazy grounding issues….
I hope there is a software update or design change in the future for people who use the Eclipse without an effects loop, mixer or switching system.

FYI, I run a microphone into a mic pre (with an adjustable input and output gain control) 1/4" out into several effects boxes, then mono 1/4" into the Eclipse, then 1/4" stereo output into a stereo DI box, then to FOH and split to my own powered monitor.

To use the Eclipse now, I have to build a mini switching system that totally bypasses the entire Eclipse to a separate DI box just to bypass the Eclipse effects!!! Which adds weight and cost to my system…..

Please let me know if you think of anything else that could help me use this gear without a separate mixer or switching system…..