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 Hi Sherik

I have replied to this last posting of yours hours ago…but for some mysterious reason (cosmic rays, aliens interference) my reply must have gone lost!

So…here we go again….

You say:

" So right now I have to have externals set to HIGH, or the bypass won't
work at all in DSP bypass mode. If it is set to PEDAL 1, the effects
don't go on. But when I bypass, the gain jumps up making it un-useable."

I don't understand why you would need externals  to be on HIGH or the Byp won't work. I need a description. 

and you say:

"I'm very disappointed that the Eclipse cannot be used with the 1/4"
outputs. These kinds of effects processors have always been used last
in the chain"

I have just tried connecting gtr > Eclipse > combo amp gtr input, using 1/4" jacks. Bypass is set on DSP Bypass and wors ok. You have to understand how *all* digital fx processor dry/wet balance works as things are correct on Eclipse.

The output signal has a max level. You can't have more than that or D/A converters would distort in a nasty way you won't like at all. When you have dry/wet balance set to 0% or 100% the sound will only be full dry or full wet. Each of them will take the whole output level. Infact if you load any preset, change Wet/Dry Mix to 0%, that's FULL DRY. If you press the Bypass key you won't hear any level change, right? That's because DRY is taking the whole signal bandwidth. Any other "in between" Dry/Wet setting will split the bandwidth (= LEVEL) between dry and wet..so when you engage bypass the dry sound will jump up to full level as wet is removed. This is perfectly normal. All my Pro Audio FX work in this way…many brands in my rack!

These units are not designed to be the last in a chain; they are designed with pro_audio approach in mind. Any instrument signal sounds best if not processed/converted in series…rather managed in parallel to a digital FX signal (wet), using splitters/mixers/routers. That's what professionals do in their systems. It's very important to consider technology building aspects when planning out a new system.

Now, when old style or vintage amps are used, with no FX loops, you are left with not many options:

-change amps or having qualified amp tech adding FX loops (parallel type)

-you could use a MIDI CC message to change the system Dry/Wet balance to simulate bypass…a pedal would allow you to get only dry sou8nd when you want.

-use some kind of line selector to add/remove Eclipse from the signal chain. BOSS makes an LS-2 model I have used in the past. It's pretty good. You may need 2 if the system is stereo (I don't know). Chsck Boss website for more info. 

all the best