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 Some clarifications needed here:

skerik wrote:

I will warn you, the Eclipse is very limited (for unknown reaasons?)
for use in SERIES, it is designed for PARALLEL use. I consider this a
frustrating thing, since it would be so easy to change things on it for

 The point here is not about Eclipse. ALL FX processors need to be run in parallel if you want to keep the signal level of your dry and wet sounds at full level and quality.

The dry/wet balance will always subtract level strength at any setting different from 0% and 100%, that is Full Dry and Full Wet are the only settings with full signal level. Using a mixer you'll get both. In addition to this, time domain FX (modulations/delays/shifters/reverbs) should be used in parallel. 


skerik wrote:

But if you are touring small, the Eclipse is fragile, I have had parts
break off the circuit board, etc, I am on my second one. It needs to be
transported by hand, or in a large rig, racked up

Well…unfortunately that's your experience. There are thousands units out there, touring the world and we haven't had such troublesome reports/servicing for this.

If a touring rack is well assembled and protected, with deep units rackmounted also at their back panel, you shouldn't have any problem…unless the case is being handled very rougly.

Eventide traditionally uses the less possible amount of cables for road-proof standard work.