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Sorry I probably was not very clear in my last post. I guess after reading your response I have a couple of questions, and I may not be understanding what DUALMONO actually means. I am going to list my questions out in bullet points and I will try to be more clear.

  1.  Starting with DUSALMONO, does this mean that instead of the inputs and outputs being stereo they are both treated as mono ins/outs? If this is the case then I can come out of side A as one mono out with one Algorithm then out of side B with another both A and B in GCX loops that can be turned on and or off. If this is not the case then I would assume I would just use Side A (Mono) into my GCX loop, set the unit to DUALMONO on all of my effects blocks and the unit itself just routes each algorithm mono which is probably the correct answer.
  2. I also may not be understanding an Algorithm. Since I can have 2 of these per preset and each one can have multiple effects what are my limitations? Can one Algorithm have delay, chorus and gate? Are there certain effects that cannot be used once another effect is assigned to a block.

I hope those two questions made sense. My Eclipse is actually on the way and I am reading through the documentationa and trying to understand as much as possible right now as I am switching out a G Major for the Eclipse and trying to go through what I will have to modify configuration wise, etc….