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Eclipse  is a dual FX blocks unit; it has Block A and Block B. The unit offers a number of about 100 algorithms, being these the factory structures you can tweak to create your own presets. A preset may use a single block or both. Each block can load an algorithm. The same algorithm can also be loaded in both blocks.

ROUTINGS are the audio paths between input(s) – FX Blocks – Outputs.

The internal routings are:

PARALLEL- each block is in parallel to the other and each has stereo I/O

DUAL – input 1 feeds block A while input 2 feeds block B. Both blocks are outputted in stereo

DUALMONO – each block is separate and runs on mono I/O

XFADE – only block A is available. Use this when you want instant preset switching  with cross_fade_acle presets (these use max 50% unit resources).

Your questions.

-Yes, DUALMONO configures in 1 >block A >out1 and in 2>block B >out 2, both as 2 fully indipendent MONO engines. Yes, you can use 2 loops to manage these 2 FX blocks, +provided+ you ALWAYS create your preset with DUALMONO routing.

-limitations obviously are those implied by the algorithms structures. Eclipse is not an "fx by the dozen" product…rather a HI-QUALITY 4 or 5 effects unit whose sound makes a huge difference. You could load a 4 voice modelay algorithm in machine A to get a stero chorus and a stero flanger and a delay+verb in machine B…to get a 4 effects structure. Not all combinations are possible and you should plan things ahead. Some effects may be huge and could not run if a similar (big) effect is already loaded. You'll see this on the display.