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products handle about 28 volts peak to peak, or about 10V rms which is about
20log10(10/0.776) = 22.2 dBu. So the maximum input level of our systems is
around 22-23dBu. The manual says 26dBu – this probably assumes 30V peak to


means that someone feeding us 0dBu will be about 22dB below the peak level, so
he won't see much meter activity. The meters are scaled 0.06, 3, 6, 9,
12,15,18,21, 40dB. Our meters are scaled is in dBr, where the reference is full
level. This is a useful way to do it, since our main interest is in giving a
good dynamic range, so we are mostly interested in the top end of the band, and
in particular we want the peak level point to be well defined to indicate the
clipping point, i.e. 0dB – anything else would be unclear.


putting 0dB in will probably only light the bottom led. This is correct – there
is not a problem.
Our input levels are set up so that if you give it a nominal 0dBu real signal,
you have about 22dB of headroom.

 More simply….lighting up 3 or 4 LEDS is what you really need, at the most.

You can use the A/D Gain controls to help boosting input levels. if needed.