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unfortunately there is no standardized way to work in this area, other than the midi protocol itself. An evidence of this is what your unit's manual says in the CC description area:

"Each MIDI device supports Continuous Controllers differently,
so you should consult the manual for that device to determine
which controller to use, and what parameters may be controlled
with it."

Unfortunately Digital Music Corp. decided to not support full CC value programming in both the original Ground Control and the newer Pro (?) version.
I understand your frustration. Some units may work fine out of the box, others require a more advanced approach. It's not a problem of compatibility as MIDI is a standard. But the way this standard may be used/implemented can be different from product to product.

A fine MIDI controller supports different possibilities, giving the user the ability to control any piece of gear in any way. I'm sure that other products support CC value programming. The AllAccess is a bit expensive, I understand, but there is a reason for that.

It would be useful if other users could post their suggestions about MIDI pedalboards that support programming their switches as MIDI CC messages send with any preset value in the standard range of 1>128 ( or 0>127).

You may also want to check Axess Electronics as they seem to have nice units:

all the best