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Hi Ed:

When you are satisfied with the customizations of your routing and or the edits you may have made to a pre-existing factory routing, do this:

Press and HOLD the PROGRAM key for about 1 second. This takes you to the ROUTINGS page.

Press the PROGRAM key again, but DO NOT HOLD this key as in the 1st step or it will take you to a Factory Init page (which is different function of the ROUTINGS page). Simply press the PROGRAM key normally.

Next, at the bottom left of the screen, you'll see SAVE. Select the SOFT KEY underneath that SAVE function which brings you to the SAVE ROUTING page.

Use the down CURSOR button to highlight the [001] xxx xxx function, which is the numbered location in brackets followed by the name. Rotate the alpha wheel to select an approriate location.

Pree the down CURSOR button to highlight "Where:" and choose internal or card.

Cursor down once more if you wish to Re-name it or continue down to highlight SAVE.

Press the SELECT button to initiate and you will see what to do from there.