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      Hi Forum:

      Just unpacked the 8000fw a few hours ago and I have read through the manual, but can't find how to turn off write protect.

      I made a custom routing and setup scheme and it won't let me save without that system parameter correctly set to save.

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       Hi MB

      welcome to the forums!

      There is no write protect in the H8000FW. You can load factory presets and routings but you can't erase/replace them. Anything new you create from a tweak needs to be stored as an user preset/routing.

      Please provide very detailed descriptions of what you are trying to do as this will be very helpful to provide you the best possible support.



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      Here is what the manual says and here is what I did:
      1st after one has made some custom changes to setup and routing… page 146 of the manual says…
      Access the routing storage area by holding down the program key for one second. Next, release the program key and hold it down for another second. Now we are offered a choice called "update," which saves the routing confirguration to user memory. When I selcect this function, it says, "right protect – choose any other key."

      Please advise.

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      Also I forgot to mention that I am aware of the fact that I need to store this custom set/routing in user memory. I did coose this location to store it, that is in a user location. When I try to impliment the that function ,the screen says "write Protected, press any key, etc.

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      I figured it out.

      Thanks for your time.

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      MB,  please let us know what you discovered. 

      Mine is on it's way from Sweetwater and I know that routing config will be my first task Surprise


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      Hi Ed:

      When you are satisfied with the customizations of your routing and or the edits you may have made to a pre-existing factory routing, do this:

      Press and HOLD the PROGRAM key for about 1 second. This takes you to the ROUTINGS page.

      Press the PROGRAM key again, but DO NOT HOLD this key as in the 1st step or it will take you to a Factory Init page (which is different function of the ROUTINGS page). Simply press the PROGRAM key normally.

      Next, at the bottom left of the screen, you'll see SAVE. Select the SOFT KEY underneath that SAVE function which brings you to the SAVE ROUTING page.

      Use the down CURSOR button to highlight the [001] xxx xxx function, which is the numbered location in brackets followed by the name. Rotate the alpha wheel to select an approriate location.

      Pree the down CURSOR button to highlight "Where:" and choose internal or card.

      Cursor down once more if you wish to Re-name it or continue down to highlight SAVE.

      Press the SELECT button to initiate and you will see what to do from there.

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