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when I first launched VSig 2.4.9. it couldn't find the database to work with so I did what you describe above: I downloaded it from the H-8000FW and now everything works perfectly (or so I hope). However. the algorithms that I worked with were done with the previous version. It's not much for me to download them again from within 2.4.9. and save them in a different folder, which is what I should because I remember that Vsig wasn't able to recognize a couple of modules. I just wonder if opening the 2.0 files in the 2.4.9 version will cause any problems.

Italo, I have seen that you have designed a lot of the patches, some of which are just awesome! Can you share if you design patches out of experience? Do you have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve prior to designing them? Can you recommend anything (other than the VSig help file of course?)