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Following enormous popular pressure from yourself and myriad others, we'll be posting a version of the Programmer's Manual to the Web Site later this week.

It contains a slightly outdated Vsigfile section, which has been largely superseded by the Vsig Help files, but DOES have useful instruction on the Patch Editor. 

The relay jack essentially gives access to two relays, one connected between tip and ground, one connected between sleeve and ground. These relays may be controlled by the C_RELAY module. Once you become more experienced in the programming, applications for it will begin to suggest themselves, depending essentially on how you want to use the unit.

As an example, you could build a compressor program, and control a green light when signal was present, and a red light then the signal was above the compressor threshold.

Or, in general terms, use these relays to control external hardware based on the characteristics of the input or output signal, or control settings or both. The possible uses are too varied to give a succinct answer.