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Thank you.

Actually, in my manual, it is on pages 146/7.

Here is what I found using that proceedure:

First, it is true, holding down the program button for one second brings one to the routing page.  Now if you want to save or update a routing, don't hold – just press the program button again.

If you press and hold the program button, when on the routing page, you get to the setup page AND if you press and hold again, you get to the USERGROUPS page!!

Press and hold again, and your back to the presets

I don't think the manual makes this clear or even mentions it.

So to recap:

Pressing and holding down the program key for the 1st time brings you to ROUTING,

2nd time… SETUP,  3rd time… USERGROUPS, 4th time…back to the Presets Page.

Pressing – Not holding the program key at each of the above locations, cycles through the available saving/updating/renaming, etc functions as they apply to situation on the currently dispalyed page.