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 Ok! All of tis is already in your H8000, Nomad.

I created a few banks (w/lots of presets in them) just for this. check Bank 10 DUAL MACHINES and Bank 32 MULTIPLE MACHINES.

The first has presets with 2 stereo FX in each. These are very complete and extended fx, not just…a chorus!

The second bank has presets with 3 or 4 or 2 stereo and 2 mono fx in each.

Given the proper routing and interface with your recording rig…you got it!

Then…if you set a series routing in the H8000, you can load any 2 of these presets (unless they are monolithic!!!) and have a series processing of A > B.

To create a MACRO, that is a ROUTING+2 PRESETS loaded at the same time, you can first create and store your Routing(s), then load one you need, load the presets you like…THEN store a new SETUP. The unit will ask you if you want to store the 2 presets too..to be reloaded when the SETUP is recalled.

Isn't this a style of life?