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Sonic Nomad


Using ADAT i/o I often use my Eventide H8000 as a virtual rack of four "hi end" effect units with Preset 3218 Virtual Rack 1 a lot with the H3000 dual Shift, 2290 TT
1210 st chrs/flanger & PCM70 Hall but what if say I  wanted to replace the 1210 with a plate verb and the PCM 70 with another Hall type or even with something totally different. Short of having to use VSIG to do this. I pretty shure that Eventide users would like to be able to just select a different preset for that "slot" with just few key strokes from the unit itself.

I understand the logic behind the macro of routing and 2 presets but it's just not the same.

Also I can understand that as a featur request it might be quite a daunting task to implement and/or just add without a possible re-write but who knows.

Perhaps a simple software application could do this?

Does anyone else feel this could be a useful feature?