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 It's obvious the tech note refers to guitar jacks. Why would you use a TRS (balanced connector) for an unbalanced wiring?

Specifically, at the end of the technote, it says Tip and Ground!


H8000/8000A Series:

  • Pin 1 : GROUND
  • Pin 2 : +PHASE (Hot)
  • Pin 3 : -PHASE (Negative)

line levels cables (2 connectors + Ground) as those made by pro audio
companies like Mogami, Belden , Canare, Monster Cables, Klotz, etc.
Always keep balanced the cables ends connected to the Eventide XLRs I/O
and unbalance the ?? ends connected to unbalanced gear.

  • Input from unbalanced ?? jack:
    • Connect XLR Pins #1 & #3 to ?? Ground
    • Connect XLR Pin #2 to ?? Tip. If either pins #2 or #3 are unconnected, you will get more noise and hum than signal!

  • Output to unbalanced ?? jack:
  • Connect XLR Pin #1 to ?? Ground
  • Connect XLR Pin #2 to ?? Tip
  • Leave XLR Pin #3 unconnected