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Sonic Nomad


Several years ago I seriously looked into a better GUI. Ironically VSIG
can't be improved upon without a writing a whole new application and
that would cost some major bucks and not be suitable for rack mounted
box anyway. VSIG isn't so bad, unless you think Reaktor is.
What is E-Conrol?


Yeah VSIG isn't so bad if you use PC. There is an independant version of VSIG called VSIG-X for OS X but it has long last been updated and it only works via serial and not MIDI.So when I get the chance I moan about this… Devil

I for one am confused when companies like Eventide work the way they do;
(Italo, Nick, Ray & others – please don't take this personally. These are only my observations.)

  • They develop & support VSIG on PC only.
  • Then develop and plan to release E-Contol on Mac only.  (for now anyway)
  • They market the the use of the using the included VSIG? (Windows) or VSIG-X (Mac OS-X) development tools for the H7600. But VSIG-X is outdated.
  • The VSIG for PC that was last released is still in Beta. 
  • They continue to market the H8000FW stating the following, " New FireWire I/O now allows direct connection to your Mac or PC so you
    can directly patch 24-bit audio to and from the eight inputs and
    outputs." But there are to date no OS X (Leopard) drivers. Also this is flawed as most users have found. On PC – ASIO sound cards users cannot share the Firewire I/O with that of their sound card. On Mac however there is agregate device wich is great for this but is not currently  possible to Leopard users.

Sure the above are gripes and most have been noted by Eventide I hope. But do these change the the sound of the the units, NO! In fact if my Eventide did not sound so bloody good I would have been pretty upset with the company for their lack of proper support and implementation on certain issues.

What I would find interesting to know is how many users are actually using the Firewire I/O on their H8000 FW?