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Thanks Italo for ideas, and tip regarding "User grp" store.

I?m 100% sure that the noise problem did not appeared In previous software load.
I have no idea if it has started immediately after upgrade to V5.22 as I have noticed it
few weeks after the upgrade.
So I?m not confident if V5.22 is to blame here.

So far, I have found just this 3 patches with strong modulated noise. So I assume it?s not any wiring issue.

It goes for example like this:

GUITAR -> BRUNETTI MILLE PRE-AMP (OdB output )-> H7600 XLR input -> POWER AMP.

But it exists also if nothing is connected to H7600 inputs, it?s always only in one channel, its disappears if Wet/Dry is set 0% (DRY signal is clear OK).

New observation:

The level of this noise is changing in time, after around 2 minutes it goes to ~0 (almost no noise) for around 5 seconds then increases again ? very slow modulation of noise amplitude.