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Hi: First, thanks for posting this update.

I'm having the same symptoms as Sonic Nomad on my H8000FW. I downloaded the file to my Mac, and it came up with six files. Their exact names are as follows:


Interestingly, the FWTERM.BIM file isn't a .BIN file, but maybe that's supposed to be that way. I copied these files, using my Mac, to the PC Card I used to install the last system update, and then ran the installer with the "2" key down at power up.

Thanks to your instructions above, I know how to check to see if Revision: 5.3 was correctly installed. It was, but the SDD Version is wrong; it is the old one, 2 point

My installer didn't finish gracefully from the card. At the end, I was just left with instructions on the screen of the H8000FW . I see a message flash that says "Success", that disappears quickly, then I am stuck looking at a screen that says "FWterm V1.2" The only options, each of which does nothing at all, is "restart" on the leftmost soft button and "done" on the rightmost button. I sat here looking at this for some time, thinking something would happen, but nothing did, so I powered off and back on, and this is where it sits. I've done this three times now.

What should I do?


Back when I upgraded to v5.2, I got all kinds of errors. I copied the files to the card with my Mac. Then I used a PC to copy the upgrade files to the card and the upgrading proces went smooth. I tried to upgrade to 5.3 today and created a card with a Mac again, it doesn't work. Tomorrow when I've got a PC in the studio, I bet everything will work again. Try this, it might work for you too.