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 OK, this is getting ridiculous.

Yes, I was able to go from -50 db to 0, but I cannot seem to find the way to actually set/save this! This is where the manual is weak – when newbies like me look for the procedure for a simple "save" and find every other kind of save but the one we need. The index is of no use in this; it assumes a prior knowledge of terms and concepts that a newcomer does not possess. I'm sorry to be negative, but it is very frustrating not to be able to perform what should be a simple operation, due to a rather scatter shot arrangement of the manual. (Reviews of the Eclipse that I have seen make it sound worse than it is, but there are issues…). Please help me understand what I'm missing here. The bad reviews of the Eclipse did not deter me from getting one, and I am determined to learn it – it just seems to need a seasoned hand to sort things out.

Thank you.