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I am sorry for troubling you on this. I did not intend at this point to delve deeply into the Eclipse – I'm still too new at it. I was trying to find out how to fix/adjust some issues, and apparently it's more involving than I knew. I did find the gates – I was going on the previous success of immediately finding GATE, and did not know where to look when I didn't find it. After D in support had mentioned the algorithms in the back of the manual, I began looking at what was in which presets. It's still rather over my head, but I was able to see a bit better how things are broken down, and putting that list together with the subheadings under the presets descriptions, I saw how I could get to the gates in 203 & 206.

Again, my apologies, Italo. If I knew someone who had an Eclipse, I would certainly have given that person a call – personal, live instruction is best, just like music lessons or college courses. You've given me more to go on, and for that I am grateful. I will try to refrain from more questions that must seem so elementary to knowledgable folks, although exploration is always bound to raise questions.