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well, after a few more tries the eclipse just locked up completely. 
i called tech support today and i'm going to try a new card and a hard
reboot (as per eventide's advice).  i still have access to the utility
functions (so hopefully my programs aren't gone forever) but i can only
get one or two button presses in (if i'm trying to load/edit programs)
until the thing freezes.   

my macbook does not offer FAT
formatting…only FAT32 along with unix and 4 mac os file formats.  i
didn't have any luck transferring programs to this card, so i think
that's the problem.  i'm hoping so, at least.  we're playing cmj here
in nyc so i've got two weeks to get this sorted out…otherwise it's
going to be a very different set ; )

 thanks for your advice.