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Some notes from my side of view;

* VSIG = a ***! And an old schematic protocol which is terrible in a vst/vsti/directX world these days. Espaccially for a unit which is over $6000.

* I totally agree with a vst/directX protocol for both mac/pc, not matters which sort of DAW you uses (TDM,RTAS). Totall Intergration by vst possibilitys in all sorts of DAWS. As a matter of fact; It is so needed in those days with a computer based applications,gear,daw,vst and so on. Right now it's decrease my overall workflow and stability on a negative way since my studio is for 70-80% computer/software.

* The routing is a *** too, when I reading the manual and breaking my head. The manual is almost univeristy written. Espacially the routing possibilitys is so complicated. Nuts for such an expensive unit.

* The '' not 2 ASIO supported fact by PC'' is not the fauld of Eventide. Thats something which should be improved by Windows.

* The futurtive E-control (and hopefully total vst plugin) should be working by FW,serial port and midi (as you can see, several option) not only by midi (I prefer FW myself).

(for instance; FW1 running channels and FW2 for vst control, or better both/each).

Thanx so far.