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I use a Creamware SCOPE + ADI8DS converters and recently, an H8000FW as external effect, and I was getting crazy with the same problem (FURIOS "POPCORN" NOISE) but this morning, apparently I've solved it.

I was connecting H8000FW via ADAT cable, indicating to H8000 to syncronize with SCOPE, as I use SCOPE as MASTER;
from the H8000FW panel the indication of the syncronization was clearly OK, but it continued to be noisy

AFTER THOUSANDS OF TESTS (also replacing cables..) I loaded DICE drivers and I have connected the H8000FW to the PC via FW (additionally to the connection via adat to the SCOPE board.
– I have setted H8000FW as a master and SCOPE as slave, sinchroniziong the SCOPE to the H8000FW via the adat cable an everithing works perfectly (..finally), without the need of an external master clock

So far what I have understood, the root of the problem, it seemed that the 8000 WANTS to be the master.

Furthermore from the DICE panel on the PC in the space "MASTER" is impossible disable the 8000FW from the "master configuration"

It is my experience up to now, I would also appreciate have further indications or point of view from anybody else.

Emilio Biagini