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Eventide Staff

Sadly, you are misunderstanding the way the MIDImaps work. It's maybe not very clear.

 The MIDImaps allow you to define a program value (PRESET #) for EVERY program change value (PGMCHG #). They do NOT just add an offset to the program change input. Think of each map as 128 slots (selected by program change), where each slot contains a preset.

So, for example, if you want PGMCHG 2 to load PRESET 202, you must set PGMCHG to 2 and set the corresponding PRESET to 202. This will NOT affect the programs loaded by any of the other program change values.

 The default values are that MAP1 loads presets 100 to 227, MAP2 loads presets 0 to 127 and MAP3 loads presets 500 to 627. So, to load preset 202, you could select MAP1 and send program change 102. Or, you could make your own choice.

I don't see a problem with using the keypad to enter PGMCHG values.

Again, can't see any problems with RESETMAP. In what way does this not work ?