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Here we go....

-boost is generally used before a preamp to get a different kind of "crunch", particularly with tube preamps.

Yes, this is a very valid use. However, if you have two channel
preamp and you want to boost the volume for a guitar lead, you must use
boost after preamp (given you use the dirty channel), or you just
change the tone, not the volume.

Problem is that by boosting overall levels in a digital device you may "hit the rail"!

addition to this, maybe your dry sound won't go thru the Eventide, if
you use splitters/mixers/routers to manage the audio in the
rack…..Not the ideal way to go.

The H8000FW has a max input boost of +30dB and the output can be boosted by about 3dB as a post D/A converters gain.

In theory you could use one DSP pre_preamp and the other
post_preamp, but it would be very likely a waste of resources. I would
use a simple analog wah after your guitar and let the 2 DSPs take care
of fx that will sound better after a line level signal. In addition to
this, you'd need to create your own pre_preamp presets, learning our
Vsigfile algorithm editor for PC.

If this could be so easy… in our more complex songs, there are
moments when you have to turn off the wah, change channel on the amp,
turn off chorus and reverb etc etc etc, preferrably with just single
click to the wah (or parking it to 0 position). I have analog
pedalboard whose sound I am happy with, but the complexity of the
switching is forcing me to move to rack solution. Anyway, even with the
wah out of way, there is the compressor, which would be better to have

You can MIDI_UP channel switching, presets
changing and H8000 FX on/off switching at the press of a single
button….you could even add analog wah and analog pre_preamp switching
with a MIDI looper. One switch…everything goes where you want.

before and/or after preamp. Some people use both, one at the time,
others have a specific preference. Is yours a preference or…..?

I am not afraid of the Vsigfile, just it would be good to know if it's even possible.

Yes, it's possible.

Another problem may be loading a monolithic preset, as this runs
on a single DSP A, making B disappear from the routing. Not a good way
to go.

Since most of the more intensive algorithms would be used
post-preamp, would it be better to use DSP A post-preamp and DPS B
pre-preamp? Would the signal travel through the DSP B unaffected, if
the DSP A would run a monolithic preset?

A monolithic
preset will temporarily "erase" DSP B. It goes away. It will only run a
super monolithic DSP A to use such a big preset. You should not use
monolithic presets. I don't see the reason why you would use them
anyway. They are mostly huge surround or multichannel stuff.

There is a wah wah….but honestly, dedicating a 2500$ sinbgle dsp to that is (IMHO) a waste. You can get much more than that.

Yes, it is pretty over the board 🙂 However, the compressor is
before preamp too and I would like to have a few filters there as well
(let's say acoustic guitar simulator etc).

You'll have to build these things in your presets…Vsig is the tool.

In all, you can do what you describe, taken the time to work on it a bit.