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I was just wondering if there was any way to download a local copy of the Module help files?
One day the help files just stopped working….. Now I don't know what to do….I use them frequently while building patches and don't really have any way of getting by without them 😛

I know you don't support anything mac, but part of the reason we went with the H8000 was because vSigX did work well on the mac and we had a way to communicate with the with the H8000.

What can I do? Maybe there is some kind of workaround? Where are these help files when they are being accessed remotely?

We should start a donation pool for Allan so he can get paid…. Maybe then he could soup up vSigX and we could get on the road with this 🙂 After all I know many people who use eventide with a mac.

I love the H8000 and feel sad when we are having communication issues!

I want to be making patches right now and I can't
I even went to the extent of buying a blazing 450 MHz Inspiron 5000
It's a horror to activate and sounds like it's chewing itself to death while it runs…. all kinds of bleeps and bloops (the bad kind) also…. vSig is all but unreadable on this dell (the chips of which are a waste of sand!) Dell Infuryion 5000 would be far more accurate!!

So anyway….
I just want to talk to my H8000! But right now it feels like I don't have a mouth 🙁

Any input would be greatly appreciated 🙂