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HI Doug

good to hear from you! Yes

Hard choice if integrate a librarian in vSigX or create a stand_alone version.

I would go for both!!!

The advantage of an integrated version is that the USB/COM port doesn't need to be disconnected from an app. to be used by the other, as it would happen w/2 separate applications. On the other hand a stand_alone version not only can be useful for different platforms, but could also be evolved to a higher level.

Here's something I have been dreaming of for 15 years (Lightning)… imagine a librarian where one could be able to create a bank, import presets into it, in any given order..then transfer the command to the Eventide which will "assemble" the bank accordingly. How about that?

With so many presets to choose from, the ability to  work "offline" then send a "single command to get it done" would be awesome.