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Umm… a slightly irrelevant question: all my posts appear without paragraphs and proper layout. I have tried to change some options here, but none seem to work. What do you guys use?

Are you clicking on "Quick Reply" at the bottom of the post, or on the "Reply" button at the top of the message? It seems the Quick Reply is very buggy – I grabbed the pop up window and moved it so I could see the message behind it, and all of the window controls went blank! It also seems that Quick Reply loses formatting, so you'll have to add "<p>" at the beginnings and "</p>" at the ends of each paragraph. Working with the "Reply" button doesn't seem to have the same problems…

EDIT: Hmm, it seems that "Reply" didn't really get the formatting correct either. I guess I'll just start adding the "<p>" and "</p>" to make sure…