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I've done everything possible, including changing cables, changing cards, reinstalling drivers, and removing all devices from the computer except the H8000FW. The problem still persists.

The latest time the firewire continuously locked and unlocked again every 2-3 seconds and caused the windows beep (new hardware).

Unfortunately, this caused a blue screen and bad pool caller message. I am certain that the H8000FW being repeatedly recognized and unrecognized caused this issue.

I am reluctant to connect the H8000FW to the machine to perform any more testing. I cannot have registry errors created that will disrupt everything else and cause massive (40hrs) downtime in reinstallation.

For what it's worth, I'm also noticing the sample rate is shifting by a sample as well. The clock is set to internal. The DICE application is also reading the Firewire Unlocked/Locked. If the firewire cable is unplugged, the anomaly goes away.

In an unrelated issue, I'm also noticing ghosting appearing on the upper left corner of the LCD screen. It is lighter and harder to read. I doubt this is normal after 4 months.