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 I understand now, Yannis, Thank you.

You are hearing background noise.

You should make sure about the following:

-the unit analog I/O should be properly wired for what is the type of signal you are using, balanced/unbalanced and -20dB instrument level or +4dB line level signals.

-using *studio grade* professional audio balanced shielded cables, such as Canare, Mogami, Belden is greatly recommended, rather than generic guitar/mic cables. These companies make the best cables in the industry and are used to wire professional studios. I use Belden.

The optimal performance (signal/noise ratio – audio clarity – high levels) is obtained with full balanced I/O, running +4dB line level signals. These types of signals are pre_amplified. I have no knowledge of what exactly you feed the unit with and how, but I assume you are using pre_amped sources for +4dB signals.

all the best