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 OK- I think I cried wolf on this one. It appeared that everything was going fine.  Then, I noticed how slowly the copying was taking- something like 30 minutes to copy 30 presets.  When it finally finished, only a handful of the presets were copied to the card in an erratic fashion (scattered).  I tried the following cards, formatting each in the Eclipse O/S 3.5, prior to the copy:

SanDisk Ultra II 2 GB
Samsung "oldie" 1 GB
Lexar 40x 1GB

I know that some cards work better than others, but 3 in a row behaving the same way by different mfgrs?  I know I used at least one or two of them for hardware updates with no problem.

And, when I tried using a Kingston "basic" 1GB card, the unit would freeze up upon inserting the card with the Card Not Formatted error (with the 3 options) covered up by the Updating Program Files msg.

Weird!   Confused