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I cannot play computer audio through the H8000 because no computer hardware is detecting that the H8000 is connected. If I connect it to any of my three computers, it makes no difference (it's as though I've inserted a Firewire cable with nothing on the other end). Windows (XP and Vista) can't see it; OS X can't see it. Consequently, DICE can't see it either.

 On the H8000, no matter what is connected over FW the firewire status remains "unlocked."

A few days ago, it was working fine, and was locked (all the time) to the TI Firewire chipset on my Windows XP rig. But it stopped working, and now can't be detected by any computer I've tried it with (with or without drivers). So I think it's a hardware issue, but I'm not sure what would have caused the problem.