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Hello Italo

I was not able to resolve this problem the last time we communicated, over a year ago. I decided to give it another try.

I was able to perform a significant test of the DIGI 003. A person on the Digi Support suggested that I use one light-pipe cable and connect it from the DIGI 003 in port to the DIGI 003 out port. I did this and was able to successfully feed a track out on ADAT channels 1-2 and record it onto another track using ADAT channels 1-2 as input. I did the same test with the other cable and was successful also.

I think this proves that the DIGI 003 is functioning properly and that the cables are OK.

I then went back to test with the H8000FW and set it up as follows:

I am using the ADAT A-B routing configuration; with no changes.

I am sending ADAT channels 1-2 to the H8000FW and see the H8000FW level meters move properly for input signals, machine in, machine out, and output.

But still no signals at the DIGI 003. What do you think?