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Hi Joe

I think that a real test is not looping back the DIGI 003 output to input. A good test would be to use a different unit feeding the DIGI…and another good test would be to feed the H8000 to another ADAT input equipped device.

Anyway, routing 12 uses ADAT I/Os and the 2 dsps are in series. Load preset 11 MUTE in DSP A, then load preset 13 OSCILLATOR in DSP B. The aim here is to check that an H8000 generated signal is going out thru adat. You can monitor signal I/O w/the front panel LEDs, changing their feed source under LEVELS > METER, as you already know.

At this point, if you don't get any signal on your DIGI, I can only think of the folowing:

-TEST should be done with more ADAT cables, to make sure it's not a cable fault.

-Connecting the H8000 to another ADAT device and still not getting any oscillator sound out of it may indicate a problem on the ADAT output, even though the LEDs may correctly work. Can't diagnose this in any other way from here.

-DIGI and DAW I/O configuration may not be correct. This is just my speculation here. I'm trying to think of all possible causes of the problem. Would be VERY usefu to connect another DAT device to your DIGI and check if you get sound with the configuration you have setup.

Simply with these tests you can solve the problem in minutes; why one year has gone?