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I also like the first TS idea. As a temporary overall connecting (FW) solution to the E-control or a so called ''next best thing''. Hopefully it would be possible too ''fool'' Windows XP on the 2 ASIO ideas. Since I've heard that it is even the question if there is coming a VST version of E-control.
Right now it only seems that the Mac and Protools users are going to be heard and served so far.

About the EVE remote (or how you call it) I find this very unusefull and proberly one of the main reasons why E-control developing is taking so long,complicated and mysterious. As far as I see it is just a very expensive ''extra'' which is totall not an extra, now these days in a software based world.

I can't image why people would buy this remote option. But I have to admit I don't now if is (for instance) a wireless remote. In that case I would make it bit more sense the me. I only understand it if you use it within a multi platiunum recording studio.