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      Sonic Nomad

      Please would Eventide consider developing a plug-in tht allows the H8000 FW I/O's to show up in the DAW. 

      This effectively means that the DAW would not access the Firewire I/O's as a driver but simply as "streamed" audio via the plug-in.

      I'm not asking for a fancy GUI and control sofware just a simple plugin that streams audio.

      There are several products on the market that now feature this; 

      • Korg's M3 workstation
      • Access Virus TI
      • A reverb unit from a another company Zip it! 

      Please consider this.

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      I will forward this to the development team.  Thanks for the input!

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      Or maybe a control plugin like the one you have for Protools for vst/Au

      That would be cool.

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      Yes please. +1 for that. That would be awesome if you could and would do that. Thanks in advance 🙂

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       Any word from Eventide on this, I'm getting neck ache having to use the hardware to change presets.

       It really would be helpful to have a plugin type remote. Not all of us can afford eve net 😛

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      I'm a new user to this forum and the H8000fw.
      The machine is incredible but i was sad to know that only protools will be running e-control.
      Why not make an AU version since Logic users are becoming equal in numbers to PT?
      Please think about it,that's good for you(smart eventide)and us(happy 🙂 users).
      Have a nice day y'all.

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      I like that first idea. That would allow another device to have the main ASIO driver while feeding the Eventide. The question then becomes routing as the Eventide presets have many different input/outputs schemes.

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       +1 au/vst E-control Party!!!

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      Another vote from me..!

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      Nikolay K

       Yes that would bo sooo great !!! 🙂 

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      A plugin that controls just the preset and knobs would be best. Even the Eve-Net isn't ergonomically ideal. The text is small and the screen requires neck bending.

      Having the control on screen would be a safer option for eyes and muscles.

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      I also like the first TS idea. As a temporary overall connecting (FW) solution to the E-control or a so called ''next best thing''. Hopefully it would be possible too ''fool'' Windows XP on the 2 ASIO ideas. Since I've heard that it is even the question if there is coming a VST version of E-control.
      Right now it only seems that the Mac and Protools users are going to be heard and served so far.

      About the EVE remote (or how you call it) I find this very unusefull and proberly one of the main reasons why E-control developing is taking so long,complicated and mysterious. As far as I see it is just a very expensive ''extra'' which is totall not an extra, now these days in a software based world.

      I can't image why people would buy this remote option. But I have to admit I don't now if is (for instance) a wireless remote. In that case I would make it bit more sense the me. I only understand it if you use it within a multi platiunum recording studio.

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      And another vote from me..!

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