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Here is how I setup the loop-back test:

1) Loaded ADAT A-B routing configuration

2) Set Program A to Mute

3) Set clock source to internal 48 kHz

4) Set all Main Inputs to

, then set set Main Inputs IN 1 to ADAT in 1

5) Set all DSP A i/p routing to

6) Set all DSP B i/p routing to

7) Set all Main Outputs (Analog) to

, then set Main Outputs (Analog) ANA1 to DSP B out 1 +

(so I could hear the signal)

8) Set all Main Outputs (Digital) to

9) Set all ADAT Outputs to

, then set ADAT Outputs out1 to Main Out 1

10) Set all AES Outputs to

11) Set all Firewire 1 Outputs to

12) Set all Firewire 2 Outputs to

13) Plugged one lightpipe TOSLink cable from the Out port to the In port

14) Powered the H8000FW off, then on

15) Set Program B to Oscillator

Result: A signal shows up on all 8 channels of the Main Output block, and on channel 1 of the Output block, but no signal shows up on the Input block (I don't expect one to show up on the Main input block due to the way I have routed the signals.)

Do you think this is a valid test to determine if there is a hardware failure in the ADAT Out port?