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I did see one minor issue and thought I'd post in case it was helpful.

I had never updated my Eclipse before – it was still version v3.1 and bootloader v1.21… I extracted the zip files from 209010_BETA40.zip and copied them to the CF card. Power-cycled the Eclipse and pressed "1" when powering on. I saw a quick flash of some text on the display and then "Eventide Update Utility Version 2.04". No activity and the CF's Busy light was on. I was expecting to see some activity, but maybe she works silently… 😉 After 15 minutes, I tried again – no change except the Busy light was off. Tried again and it got into a weird mode (display lights flashing and relays clicking about 1Hz).

I took the card, deleted the PGM directory after backing it up and copied v3.51's files over. This time is worked fine. "Eventide Update Utility Version 2.03" was displayed with an update on the bottom that showed activity as it was working. Within 30 seconds – the update was done. Power cycle, allowed it to clear memory, and it worked.

I then tried again with v4.0 and it worked this time – v4.0B1 is installed. I'm not sure what the problem was:

1) issue with PGM directory and files on card

2) maybe the 4.0 files didn't transfer right the first time

3) issue with updating from v3.1 to v4.0

4) something else

In short, it isn't normal for the screen to just display one line of update text. It should show some activity during the update.

Thanks for the 4.0 update. I'm only partway through the new patches, but am excited…